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Chapter 11-2: Server Administration

Health & Usage Reports

Report data is gathered using timer jobs which are triggered by time frequencies that are set. These jobs focus on a number of site areas such as performance counter data, site metric data, timer data, search usage data, and other analyzed areas. This data set is put into legible forms such as administrative reports, health reports, and Web analysis reports for the administrator to easily access. The tool that is used to check for and find steps to solve various issues is called the Health Analyzer tool.

Health Analyzer

The SharePoint Health Analyzer is a testing system that runs predefined rules against farm servers to check for performance, configuration, and usage problems. When a test fails, the report is written to the health reports list and to the Windows events log. This list acts as all the other lists in SharePoint do such as custom views, edit list items, exporting, RSS feed linking, and other functionality. It categorizes the problems that are detected into security related, performance related, configuration related, and availability related.

The health reports list can be accessed from central administration two ways: through the “Review problems and solutions” link under “Monitoring” or by the red bar that flashes at the top of the window if a problem is detected.

Chapter 11 2: Server Administration

Modifying Health Analyzer Rules

The tests that this tool runs are called health rules. These rules have alerts tied to them that can be set to alert a group or user of a specific circumstance. To access the alerts in central administration, click on “Monitoring” ⇒ “Review Rule Definitions” under the “Health Analyzer” section. In this section, you can view all the health rules, their scheduled test time, if they are enabled, and if corrective action is taken automatically.

Chapter 11 2: Server Administration

After you click on a rule to edit, a modal window pops up that allows a user to run it immediately, set an alert, or edit the item’s properties.

Chapter 11 2: Server Administration

Configuring Timer Jobs for Web Analytics, Usage, & Health Data

To get to the page to configure the Web analytics, usages, and health data used to generate the various reports, navigate to the “Monitoring” page on central administration. Under the “Reporting” section is a link called “Configure usage and health data collection”. Clicking this will open a page where you can enable/disable various data collection types, choose which events to log, set a file size limit on data collection, set the save location of logs, set the schedule for logging, and establish which database server to use.

Chapter 11 2: Server Administration

Viewing Reports

All reports can be accessed through the central administration page’s “Monitoring” page under the “Reporting” category. There are administrative reports, policy usage reports, health reports, usage reports, and web analytics that can be viewed from this screen.

Chapter 11 2: Server Administration

Delete a Site collection

As a server administrator, you have the option to delete entire site collections if need be. You can do so by clicking the “Application Management” link in the “Central Administration” page. After you’ve clicked into the application management screen, there is a link that reads “Delete a site collection”. Clicking this brings you to a page where you can select the site collection you want to delete and click “Delete”. Be careful here as this does kill everything in a site collection.