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Josey is a Sr. SharePoint Developer with ICC in Columbus, OH. He has been working with Web technologies since 1998 and with SharePoint since 2010. He is an avid fisherman and loves all things technology.

Learn about SharePoint for the Web on May 15, 2014

As a SharePoint Internet developer, I was very excited about the release of  SharePoint 2013. Now that I’ve had the chance to work on it for more than a year – and have learned a lot of tools and tricks of the trade – I’m going to be sharing them at the upcoming Heartland SharePoint … Continue reading

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View Raw XML in IE8

I was tired of searching for this tidbit time and time again so I thought I’d store how to change your browser settings in Internet Explorer 8 to view raw XML instead of feed reading. This is helpful when developing against the REST api so you can see what XML is available to grab.  Tools … Continue reading

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Appendix B: Turning on Full Error Messages

When SharePoint throws an error, the message is often vague in its meaning and hides the true source of the problem. Although some would argue the error message should be specific by default, it is possible to change the settings to allow for a deeper error message to be displayed so proper debugging can commence. … Continue reading

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Branding Terms and Definitions

Glossary Advanced Mode A mode in   SharePoint Designer that allows for full modification of code. Aggregation The CSS concept that renders   styles on the same element regardless of where the style is declared. ASP.NET A Web application framework that allows web programmers to develop   dynamic web sites, web applications, and web services. … Continue reading

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Appendix A: Adding Files to a Package

Appendix A: Adding Files to a Package To add a file to a package, open Visual Studio and double check that you have the latest file. Also make sure you have the solution mapped locally. If you don’t have it mapped, do so. Once it’s mapped, click on the folder (not the expand arrow) until … Continue reading

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